Our most frequently asked questions... 

Phone: 775-287-3830  Email:  renopetnanny911@aol.com


  • What specific services does RPN 911 offer?
    We offer many services; Pet, home, and personal.  Please refer to our Rates and Services page for a full list of services. 
  • Will my pets and I meet the pet sitter before service starts?
    Aboslutely!  The sitter will come to your home to meet you and your pet(s) prior to the first visit.
    If  a "new" sitter is being assigned, he/she will meet your pet(s) before their first visit.
  • What happens when I get back from my trip?
    You will arrive home to find a daily log of your pet(s) activity for the duration of our services.  A call/email will be made, to follow up on satisfaction and quality of service. 
  • What if the pet sitter is not available during the
    time I will be away?
    Of course you can request a specific RPN 911 sitter.  If he/she is unavailable, we will assign another sitter to care for your pet(s). 
  • What if the pet sitter has a personal emergency while taking care of my pets?                                                                   Julie, Nancy, or another RPN 911 sitter will cover for the assigned sitter. Your pet(s) will not go unattended.
  • Do I bring my pets to RPN 911 for care, does RPN 911 offer boarding ?
    No, RPN 911 is “An Alternative to Boarding”. We care for your pet(s) in your home. We cannot accomodate your pet(s) in our home.
  • What areas does RPN 911 provide services? 
    Please refer to our area of service, on the home page, for a full list of service areas, and details.
  • Is RPN 911 bonded and insured?
    Yes, all RPN 911 sitters are bonded and insured.
  •  Does RPN 911 have references?
    See the testimonials on the home page, ask RPN 911 during your FREE consultation visit, or email us.
  • How much notice does RPN 911 need when I make a reservation? 
    RPN 911 prefers two weeks notice prior to the first time you use our services & 2-3 weeks notice for major holidays, but we will accomodate any need.
  • How do I schedule a visit with RPN 911?
    Call, e-mail, or complete the "Book a visit" form, and  RPN 911 will schedule a FREE consultation 
    to get acquainted with you and your pet(s).
  • What does a FREE Consultation consist of?
    The sitter will gather  your home, trip, and pet(s) information, explain our policies, collect 2 key(s) and a deposit. (This will take approximately 1 hr.)

        Pet(s) daily routine

        Emergency phone numbers

        Vet information for pet(s)

        Trash, lights, bilnds, mail, etc.

  • Does RPN 911 offer any discounts
    Call RPN 911 about our various discounts available; for example, senior citizen, regular monthly plans, referal, and professional courtesy.
  • When & how do I pay? 
    RPN 911 requires a 50% deposit for all new clients, and 100% for holiday visits upon scheduling and remainder to be paid in full on or before first appointment.
  • What are my payments options? 
    RPN 911 accepts cash, checks and money orders.

Book a sit today, we look forward to hearing from you! 

Phone: 775-287-3830  Email:  renopetnanny911@aol.com